The First International Workshop on
Open Source and Open Content

Nov 30th - Dec 3rd 2008, Bali, Indonesia

in conjunction with SITIS 2008 (supported by IEEE and ACM)

About WOSOC 2008

The Workshop on Open Source and Open Content (WOSOC) will be held from 30th of November till the 3rd of December 2008. The venue is Bali Dynasty Hotel, Denpasar - Bali, Indonesia. The theme for the WOSOC is “Making the Open Source and Open Content work for people”. It is expected to attract international and region participants and will bring together participants representative of government, businesses, civil society organizations and academics.


The WOSOC 2008 will investigate several questions with respect to the use and development of Open Source and Open Content in various countries particularly in developing countries. Exploring these questions is crucial for the capacity building, capability formation, competency building and knowledge creation in ensuring a sustainable development model. Practical examples of the possibilities and consequences of open source adoption are taken from industrialized countries and highlighting initiatives in developing countries.


Many developing countries identify that information and communication technologies (ICT) offer significant opportunities to address current demands and repositioning for a better future. Unfortunately, developing countries always face the high cost of software license, making it the principal reason for unauthorized copying. Furthermore, the proprietary and closed source software sometimes makes developing countries unable to afford customization in order to fulfill the local needs. Open Source Software (OSS) enables developing countries to solve these problems and adapt software to meet local needs without licensing problem.


WOSOC 2008 introduces two main tracks :

  • Open Source Track
  • Open Content Track

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