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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance . You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.


  • Last changed: 23 weeks 6 days ago

Summertime is a beautiful theme with lots of small fancy things which will make your Drupal website look unique.
This theme was designed developed exclusively for Drupal by Pixeljets team.


  • Smart 1-2-3 columns
  • Fixed width (1024px)
  • Tableless (css based)
  • Tested in firefox 3+ / opera9.x / safari3 / chrome / ie6+

View Summertime demo!

You can view all our free and premium Drupal themes on this page.


  • Last changed: 51 weeks 6 days ago

Addari is another clean theme contributed to Drupal from Worthapost . This theme targets those who want cleanliness and web 2.0 mixture for their Drupal based website.


  • Rounded Glassy corners of container.
  • 7 Block regions which are Big right sidebar, Right sidebar, Left sidebar, Header, Footer, Content Top Content Bottom.
  • Pre-Made Search block (just enable search module and set appropriate permission).
  • Mission block positioned on right portion (See in Screenshot)
  • Attractive comment section.
  • Optimized background images that loads very fast.
  • CSS based design without tables.
  • Cross browser support including IE6

New Features in 2.x

  • Increased width of the theme
  • Added dropdown menu
  • Content area has dynamic width depending on blocks
  • Typography changes
  • Minor fix and additions

For Drupal 5.x version, please visit This page.

RTL: For RTL support please read #733224


  • Last changed: 1 year 51 weeks ago

This is a Garland inspired mobile optimized Drupal theme intended to be used with a mobile optimization module Mobile Plugin .


  1. Download the latest stable mobile_garland-release for your Drupal branch.
  2. Extract the contents to your sites/all/themes -folder.
  3. Enable the theme in Administer Site building Themes

Mobile themes

Will later add a guide about creating mobile themes building on this simple theme.


  • Last changed: 2 years 14 weeks ago

Twilight is an original recolorable theme for Drupal 5.x and 6.x

Key Features

  • Dark base color with light color text
  • Recolorable theme (like Garland theme) using color module.
  • Many original color schemes are prepared.
  • Supports both 2 column and 3 column layout.
  • Supports both liquid and fixed width layout. It can be easily switched and configured at the theme setting page.
  • Five optional silhouette images are included for the header background. They can be switched at the theme setting page.

It is tested with Firefox, IE-7, Opera and Safari.

To change the color scheme or customize colors, you need to use the public file system.
To use custom theme settings with Drupal 5.x, you need to install Theme Settings API module.

About OpenID icon (with Drupal 6.x)
The default OpenID login icon image comes with Drupal 6.x is created for light background color, and it looks funny on a dark background color like this theme. You can download a better OpenID icon image from my web site at
Please read the intrsuction there when you download it.

Customizing style sheet

Zen nineSixty (960 Grid system)

  • Last changed: 24 weeks 3 days ago

This is the NineSixty theme ( ) developed as a Zen sub theme for use with Zen theme ( ) for Drupal 6. A big thanks to Nathan Smith for creating 960 CSS framework and Dvessel for the NineSixty theme. Without them this Zen sub theme would not have been possible.

What's different in this theme compare to the original NineSixty theme:

- It inherits all the theme settings from the Zen theme (like inline block editing).

- Added Debug mode (showing grid on the page) as a theme setting so you can enable/disable it in the theme settings page (/admin/build/themes/settings/zen_ninesixty)

- Additional region added: 'content top' and 'content bottom' so blocks can be assigned to the top or bottom of the main content area.

- Installaton, please read the INSTALL.txt that comes with this theme

- Quick install guide: You must install the base Zen theme ( ) and then install this sub theme for it to work properly (place it in a directory like /sites/all/themes/).

This theme was developed by Duvien

Admire Grunge

  • Last changed: 1 year 12 weeks ago

This is a grunge Drupal theme in series of Admire_ Drupal themes by . Its a high quality pure grunge theme that is incredibly stable in dynamic background images in different browsers.


  • Drop-down menu.
  • Flexible width of content regions to adjust width depending on side blocks.
  • Top bar with secondary links and Login/Register links. These links are well configured yhey will change into My Account | Sign out if user is logged in. They are also compatible to adjust links if alias are made for login and register links.
  • RSS image links on Top bar. You can set external feed URL like feedburner.
  • Different block regions have different styles to give your website a great appearance.
  • Amazing comment section.
  • Cross Browser compatible including IE6.
  • Valid XHTML markup. Check this


  • Sidebar First
  • Sidebar Last
  • Right sidebar dark
  • Content Top
  • Content Bottom
  • Footer

Ad blocks:

  • Advert - big top Banner

960 Robots

  • Last changed: 1 year 40 weeks ago

960 Robots is a theme created by Lullabot for its Drupal theming videos and DVDs . This theme, based on the 960 grid system , features two columns on the right side of the page, a two-column footer, calandar-page dates for posts, and real-name usernames in posts (requires profile field with the machine name "profile_real_name"). The theme also uses Twitter's search API to display a random message based on a configurable search string as the site's slogan (PHP5 required).

You can watch this theme being built as Drupal's theming concepts are explained in Lullabot's Theming Basics and Advanced Theming DVDs and downloadable video.

A demo site is available. As well as a complete Drupal distribution of the code, configurations, and database used to create the site used in the videos.

Salamander Skins

  • Last changed: 2 years 23 weeks ago

Salamander Skins is largely a ground-up rewrite of the Salamander theme.

The main theme looks much like Salamander but it features 16 more color styles, 15 collapsible regions, suckerfish menus, built-in IE transparent PNG fix, and lots more.


  • 1, 2, or 3 column fluid or fixed layout
  • Another 12 collapsible block regions
  • 17 color styles to choose from: main Salamander theme plus 16 modular sub-themes
  • Drop-down for primary links menu (optional)
  • Support for secondary links menu
  • Support for left or right menus position, fluid or fixed widths (see ReadMe.txt)
  • Includes icons for theme links like "read more", "add new comment", etc.
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS
  • Cross-browser tested in Firefox, IE 6, IE 7, Safari, Google Chrome
  • Sub-theme plugin support

Live demos of different sub-themes at: , Smokers Association , PuzzleiT and Boaz .

Please do let me know of any features you would like to have.


  • Last changed: 3 weeks 16 hours ago

Orange is a css based theme that has only one sidebar but it has a few other regions for different content.

Version 2.x of Orange...
is drastically different from the first version. There are more regions and configurable options in the UI through the Skinr module therefore it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to use this theme. Please refer to the Skinr project page for information about it and its required modules. This theme is NOT a Fusion subtheme.

Some new features:

  • Sidebar can be positioned on the left or right (either way content is printed first for accessibility).
  • Blocks, comments, nodes, panels and views can be altered in the Ui with skinr.
  • Navigation is no longer added by default, it is a region
  • Search block is no longer added by default, themed based on region its in
  • New region above footer
  • Blocks can be sized 1/3, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4...
  • Image fields can be floated left or right
  • Font size can change and be made uppercase, lowercase or capitalized
  • Different list styles to choose from
  • 3 menu styles to choose
  • Among other things...


  • Last changed: 46 weeks 17 hours ago

Jaded features a clean, light layout with a bright green colour scheme.


  • Support for logo, primary links, mission, shortcut icon and user pictures
  • Fixed width layout
  • Drop-down primary links menu
  • Supports both 2 column and 3 column layout
  • Cross browser compatible

Tested in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari 3.2 Chrome


  • Last changed: 29 weeks 15 hours ago

Fever is a multi-purpose magazine style theme. It is the second Drupal theme developed by and released under the GPL. Same author for BlogBuzzI BlogBuzzII.

Fever Drupal theme suits perfectly for news, sports, gaming, entertainment, etc. It is three columns, fix width theme. Two flexible sidebars can be switched on/off. Fourteen block regions, including a large Showcase block that allows you to display a rotating headline beautifully. Five content bottom regions can be structured more interesting way. Stylish white color tune combines with orange color links and buttons, it gives your site a clean, professional look and feel.

Fever theme also has a unique blog style with neat comments layout that support avatar. Fever theme has successfully passed XTHML + CSS W3C standard check. See it yourself for detailed features demo . Fever also available as Feverultra which including Advanced Forum theme.

Standard Features:

  • 100% CSS driven
  • 2 level droplist navigation menu

Elements Theme

  • Last changed: 1 day 20 hours ago

#D7AX - I pledge to make this theme as accessible as it can be . If you find any flaws, please submit an issue . Help me fix them if you can.

Revolution Elements is a dark, two-column theme with unique style that showcases images alongside the text of recent posts on the homepage.

The theme is based on the old site of well-known WordPress designer Jason Schuller for his website WP Elements. This theme was originally made by Revolution for Wordpress and ported to Drupal by Nicolas Borda .


Admin module support

CCK Link field support: To enable this set a title of one or two words and add the class button to the field configuration. Butttons have hover, active and visited states on one CSS sprite.


  • Last changed: 7 weeks 4 days ago

This is a theme for clean presentation of content for viewing on mobile devices. It can be used on its own, or as a base theme (if you want to enhance it with colors, etc.).

Branch 1.x

This theme is intended to return only clean HTML with no styling (images and styling in content is maintained). The links and sidebars are placed in such a place that mobile- or handheld-devices can display just the content.

Branch 2.x (Currently Drupal 7 only)

This branch will embrace new features:

  • Clean styles for optimized readability
  • Max image sizes depending upon screen resolution
  • Support for modern mobile devices, including alternative styling for tablets
  • Other features TBD.

At this point, there are no plans to backport this branch to Drupal 6.


Note that the "4.x" branch of the Drupal 6-compatible theme is no longer supported, and that the 1.x branch is the recommended CVS checkout or downloadable for his theme. The difference is only in version number to keep consistent with Drupal best practices.


Branch *-1.x is maintained by Richard Eriksson .

Branch 7.x-2.x is maintained by Laura Scott and sponsored by PINGV .


  • Last changed: 2 weeks 3 days ago

This is a re-implementation of the Multiflex-3 theme by Gerhard . This is a tableless, multi-column, fluid width layout. Parts of the design are ported from Contented7 , Internet Services and Interactive Media theme. This theme is part of the project PantaRei Siren .


(2011-05-01) This theme is now revamp as Zen subtheme ( ). You will need to install it with this theme as below:

A Quick Review

  • 100% open source
  • Validate with XHTML 1.0 and CSS2
  • Fully tested with Acid2 compatible browsers, e.g. Firefox 4, IE 9, Chrome 11, Safari 5 and Opera 11
  • Most likely function with legacy browsers, e.g. Firefox 2/3, IE 7/8, Chrome 9/10, Safari 3/4 and Opera 9/10
  • Support multiple (i.e. 1/2/3) columns
  • Support both fixed, fluid and liquid width layout
  • Support 960 Grid System
  • Minimum layout width depend on number of columns
  • Support both LTR and RTL layout
  • Support custom CSS file, so-called custom.css
  • Support multiple block regions in Drupal 7.x style
  • Fancy icons for meta data from spirit20-GPL



  • Last changed: 24 weeks 2 days ago

A sober but stylish theme, good for blogs.


  • Simple 1, 2 or 3 columns fixed layout
  • Nice semantic calendar markups for posts
  • Ported to the last 3 versions of Drupal
  • Supports menus in the footer
  • i18n support (translated to french)


OpenPublish Theme

  • Last changed: 27 weeks 1 day ago


This is the default theme for the OpenPublish distribution of Drupal. It works with the OpenPublish Installation Profile and serves as an example and starter theme.


#OPTHEME - I pledge to make this theme as compatible with the OpenPublish distribution as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help me fix them if you can.

Interactive Media

  • Last changed: 2 weeks 3 days ago

This is a re-implementation of the Interactive Media theme by Luka Cvrk . This is a tableless, multi-column, fluid width layout. Parts of the design are ported from Contented7 and Internet Services theme. This theme is part of the project PantaRei Siren .


(2011-05-01) This theme is now revamp as Zen subtheme ( ). You will need to install it with this theme as below:

A Quick Review

  • 100% open source
  • Validate with XHTML 1.0 and CSS2
  • Fully tested with Acid2 compatible browsers, e.g. Firefox 4, IE 9, Chrome 11, Safari 5 and Opera 11
  • Most likely function with legacy browsers, e.g. Firefox 2/3, IE 7/8, Chrome 9/10, Safari 3/4 and Opera 9/10
  • Support multiple (i.e. 1/2/3) columns
  • Support both fixed, fluid and liquid width layout
  • Support 960 Grid System
  • Minimum layout width depend on number of columns
  • Support both LTR and RTL layout
  • Support custom CSS file, so-called custom.css
  • Support multiple block regions in Drupal 7.x style
  • Fancy icons for meta data from spirit20-GPL


A Sync Template

  • Last changed: 26 weeks 6 days ago

21/06/2010 - Version 6.x-1.11 with new features and bugfixes!

The code contains some optimizations for search engines

  • Canonical URL , useful until nodewords module will not manage it correctly.
  • More descriptive title and alt tags on logo and sitename.
  • Persistent top mission description.
  • Self-link to current page (except front page).
  • First heading ( h1 ) is set on page title, not on site name.

The template is structured in many regions:

  • Header (#header).
  • Preface First (#preface_first).
  • Preface Middle (#preface_middle).
  • Preface Last (#preface_last).
  • Content (#content).
  • Content Bottom (#content_bottom).
  • Sidebar First (#sidebar_first).
  • Sidebar Last (#sidebar_last).
  • Footer (#footer).


  • Last changed: 4 weeks 2 days ago

Status update:
We plan to make Green'n'Black D7 release by May 8th. There will be lots of new features (like color picker) and configurable column widths.

CSS-based (tableless) theme tested in all major browsers, including IE6 (IE6 bugs are fixed with pngFix and separate stylesheet file). XHTML valid.

The theme is not overloaded by complex code constructs, it's clean yet powerful and contains several custom regions. The region in sub-header ideally suits textual Views Sideshow block.

Main features:

  • Simplicity;
  • Modern CSS design patterns;
  • 3-2-1 columns auto settings (depending on active blocks in columns)
  • Outstanding style for search form (Search module should be enabled to see this form)
  • Attractive top and left side-bar menus;

WARNING - layout has been changed since 6.x-1.6 version. Browser compatibility has been increased considerably (including IE8). Also, note a few design improvements.

You may contact theme developer for paid theme modification and drupal-theming related jobs.

Painted Wall

  • Last changed: 4 weeks 19 hours ago

Painted Wall is a fixed, table-less theme, it supports the COLOR module , that allows you to easily customize the colors of the theme.

Actual Features :

  • Customize your colors with the color module
  • Cross-browser compatible. Work in Opera 9, Firefox 3, Safari and IE 6-7...
  • Support for site-name, logo, slogan, Footer message, primary links, secondary links, mission, shortcut icon and user pictures
  • 4 regions : content top, content bottom, sidebar right, and sidebar left
  • For version 2: extreme flexibility over the layout. You can change the width of the page and sidebars in seconds through the theme settings.

This theme is also a user-interface experiment. I intend to include all the UI improvement that I think can help to work with drupal.

Developed using the Basic 2 theme

Drupal 7 - port to Drupal 7 is now actievely being developed.


Black Mamba

  • Last changed: 1 year 34 weeks ago

Black Mamba is a heavy mod of the Waffles and Acquia Marina themes so credit goes to them. I was also motivated by sites like and with their cool black headers, and you will see that in Black Mamba the header area is just as compact.


* CSS-based (tableless)
* Flexible layout
* 1, 2, or 3 column
* 13 collapsible block regions
* Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
* Cross-browser IE 6/7, FF 2/3, Safari 3/4

I am currently migrating my site to this theme so a live demo will be posted soon, but the theme was ripe for release so I went ahead.

This theme is dedicated to Dave Carradine from Kill Bill. Black Mamba was one of his sidekicks in the movie :) RIP Dave.

Help me out
If you like this theme, and you have a news site or a cool blog, I would really appreciate a post about one of my sites, Review Critical ( ), which I have put together and it is kick ass review site for digital products and services, ebooks etc.
This would help me make the site even more popular.


  • Last changed: 1 year 16 weeks ago

Amadou is a three column theme with both sidebars on the right.


  • Last changed: 1 day 29 sec ago

Kanji is a standards compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict, table-less theme with up to 10 regions, designed and developed by Carette Donny .
Thanks to Dave Luyten for the Drupal ninja.


  • XHTML Strict 1.0
  • Support for logo, slogan, mission, footer message, primary links, secondary links, user pictures,...
  • Edit link on blocks
  • Up to 10 different regions
  • The primary menu contains automatic dropdown so there's no need for extra modules.
  • Tested on browsers: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE

Kanji theme LIVE DEMO


  • Last changed: 10 weeks 4 days ago

MAYO theme's name is taken from a phrase "MAke Your Own" and "MAYOnnaise" which I love ;-). As the name describes itself, MAYO is developed to be a theme that provides users easy way to customize and create a theme they like.

MAYO is developed based on the experience with PIXTURE theme. However, it takes full advantage of Drupal 7's color module and advanced theme settings. MAYO is simple but flexible. You can customize the look of your MAYO theme easily from theme settings page. It does not require you to have the good knowledge of CSS, HTML and PHP.

What can be customized from the theme settings page?

  • Color of most of the theme elements (base, page, header, sidebar, node, footer). In many cases, you can specify text color, link color, background color and border colors of each element.
  • Base font and heading font type (either Serif or Sans-serif) and base font size.
  • Page layout options such as width of the site (fixed width layout or liquid layout), margins, sidebar layout and width, etc.
  • Styles such as menubar styles and round corner for node/sidebar block.
  • Detail layout of header area contents (logo, site name, slogan, search engine box)
  • You can easily upload and add your own image as the background of the header area. (You can use both background image and logo at the same time).


  • Last changed: 6 weeks 6 days ago

Theme overview:

The Jackson Theme is a professionally designed, well-organized, free Drupal theme. The Drupal7 version is a base theme. The Drupal6 version is based on the NineSixty (960) Theme . Jackson's clean layout and light weight code make it a great theme for small or medium-sized business to get up and running quickly.

Theme features include:

  • Very clean, professional design
  • 1, 2 or 3 column layout with column detection that changes side column widths based on the number of columns a user chooses.
  • Tableless design for SEO
  • 15 collapsible block regions
  • Optional - Superfish drop-down menu (2, 3 or more nested levels)
  • Built-in Slideshow region
  • Built-in IE transparent PNG fix
  • Primary links and secondary links
  • Supports custom logo and favicon
  • Support features like site name, slogan
  • Custom login and logout
  • Heading optimization for SEO

jQuery for Superfish and pngFix (optional):

Drupal Themes

IRC Channel , #drupal-themes on freenode.

Mailing list , sign up here .

More advanced themes are table-less, a good example of this is the core Garland theme or the Tapestry theme. For creating custom themes, the Zen theme provides a good starting point.